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Massimiliano Rubin, an economics student at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, got to know Albania by following his family’s entrepreneurial activities. He was attracted by the vital energy that the young, strongly developing country was able to transmit and found out that his birth year, 1992, was the one of the defeat of the party regime and the reform process after the student demonstrations in 1990. In 2018 Massimiliano experiences something that will symbolize rebirth to him and decides to contribute to create a socio-economic project with the aim of inviting people to discover Albania: Albania, a country that, as defined by its Prime Minister, remembers Italy of his grandparents. A country full of ideals, with the ambition of making a name for itself, being the country that “can”, after too many decades of “not being able to”.

Supercapital was born as a management company dedicated to the development of initiatives aimed at creating value organizing and managing Asset-backed investment projects, focusing on new financial technologies. The promotion of ideas and the achievement of valuable projects require experience and dynamicity in order to be led to success, by facing all those issues that might affect the process of development and investment. This is how the team of Supercapital manages to have a great influence, with more than 100 years of experience summing up the team’s curricula, and with more than 100 projects of different fields, dealing and solving complex situations that range from social field to other areas, contributing to create value to the real economy



Supercapital is a company aimed at creating and managing investment projects between private individuals, public entities and institutions. Its connotation is that of a ManCo, aware of the fact that investing in projects and people contributes to create value for a better future.

The purpose is to give life to investment projects both in the economic field and in the social field, aimed at contributing to a process of growth, excellence and solidarity.

The focus of these investment projects is Italy, with activities dedicated on promoting and achieving projects of concrete value in Albania.



In addition to being a synthesis of valuable people and projects, Supercapital is a company that offers an opportunity to confront and suggest initiatives with the concrete possibility of participating and contributing to the process of growth and success of those.

Fields of operation

The projects come up with the identification of the investment opportunity, the preparation of a due diligence, that together with an accurate SWOT analysis has the target of summarizing the risks and the value the investment aims to achieve. Projects are guided by the project leaders and they involve different roles starting from counselors and experts in order to guarantee transparency and efficiency.

Areas of operation

Real Estate

Industry and Infrastructure

Tourism, Sport and Leisure

Renewable Energy

Research and Development

Ecology and Environment




• The Board of Directors is responsible for directing the company’s activities and is composed of partners.

• The Treasury is the division in charge of managing financial resources and preparing quarterly reports, directed by CFO.

• Project division, research field evaluation and proposal of projects of investment, directed by CEO.

• Operations, division for management and implementation of investment plans, directed by COO.





The partnerships are designed to bring together companies, institutions, personalities and communities interested in different projects of investment, to collaborate and contribute to the development and success of the proposed initiatives.

The activity takes care on involving entities and professionals with proven experience in the role of reference, to follow and counsel work groups in project development. That of the counselor is a role of significant importance, that doesn’t appear as hierarchically superior to the one who assists in project management. His guide is descrete without being imperative and it appears as an instrument to guarantee greater security in the area of operation.

It performs in the use of new applied technologies for the management of investment plans with the collection of financial resources both directly and through an IT platform. The aim is to maximize the investor community, guaranteeing the immediate and constant access to all the information related to the projects and implementation plans.

Trace the route: the best way to reach a goal is through a clear and well-defined strategy.



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